How to Stay Positive Even When it Seems Impossible

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wish on a shooting star and magically you’d stay positive? Or you could ask a fairy godmother to make you more positive? Or you could rub a genie lamp and somehow find the positive in even the worst situations? Well, unfortunately very few of us live in a Disney movie. But fortunately, there are some things we can do to find positivity — even when it’s difficult.

What’s so great about being positive?

If you’re asking that question, maybe it’s time you tried being positive. Dwelling in the negative is not only not fun, but it doesn’t do anything to solve the situation.

Being positive isn’t always the easiest thing to do because we come upon difficult situations and annoying occurrences almost daily. But finding the positive can at least make things a little less difficult for you, even though it’s just all in your head. Being positive won’t change your situation, but it will help you get through the tough times.

What can I do to be more positive?

If you’re looking to work on living a more positive life, here are some things you can try:

Be grateful

When you start thinking about all the things you are grateful for, you can start to see the positive things that you have in your life. Think about it this way: there’s only so many things you can think about at once, so if you are focusing on what you’re grateful for, you won’t be thinking about the negative. You can write down what you’re grateful for in a grateful journal, or you can tell a friend or family member what you’re grateful for.

Listen to positive music

Finding upbeat or calming music can be a great way to change your mood. Look for music with lyrics that will empower you and help you notice the good things in the world. Try to avoid music that will bring you down.

Look for the silver lining

Remember in the movie Enchanted when Patrick Dempsey’s character comes home to find all these rats, cockroaches, and pigeons in his house? Well, he obviously shoos them out, but Princess Giselle saw those sewage creatures as her helpers. So even though Patrick Dempsey’s character was appalled, the silver lining was at least his house was (somewhat) clean now.

Be nice to yourself

Sometimes your biggest critic is you. If you find you’re being negative and it reflects in how you talk to yourself or think about yourself, try to change this. Instead of saying, “You’re stupid,” try to tell yourself more encouraging statements, such as “Good job at trying your best.” Don’t dwell in the negativity by contributing to it.


Turn that frown upside-down. Did you know there’s actually research showing that smiling (a real smile that includes “smiling with your eyes”) can actually make you happier? Try it!


Take control of your life! There are things that aren’t in our control, such as the weather. But there are some things that are in our control, so if something is bothering you, take a moment to reflect on what part of the situation is in your control. Once you figure that out, take action and change what you can, and accept what you can’t.

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