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Our solutions go beyond talk therapy because you are more than your thoughts. We integrate treatment of mind, body and spirit to help you achieve and sustain changes over time.

Welcome to Aspen Valley Wellness!

Our wellness clinic is home to warm, friendly therapists who want to help you create the life you wish to live. As part of our holistic approach to mental and behavioral health, we offer a range of traditional and progressive treatments. 

Our Counseling Clinic Offers Support

You don’t have to struggle alone! If you or a family member is dealing with mental health issues, please seek help from our caring, sensitive therapists as soon as possible. 

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“Jessica is way awesome and she has helped me so much. I’ve been through a lot and having Jessica as my therapist has really helped me feel better. I’m so glad I found her.”

Ellen B.

“Neurofeedback is fantastic! All three of my boys have been doing it all summer and the results are subtle yet unmistakable. Cooperation has increased, as well as their focus and attention. I’m excited to start doing neurofeedback for myself and my husband. It’s a game changer!”

Merinda H.

“My experience with neurofeedback was very surprising. I’ve tried traditional counseling in the past, but it never seemed to be able to get to the root of the problem. With this program, I was able to apply myself better in improving my mindset, eating healthier, sleeping better and many other areas. It’s not a miracle machine. You do need to apply yourself, but this makes it so much easier to do that. It makes the process of becoming yourself again feel much more natural.”

Mason M.

“Knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. Highly recommend!”

Sasha K.

“The therapist helped me and my wife through some very hard times. I can’t thank [you] enough. My wife and I are still together and it’s better than ever. Thank you.”

Brad H.

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First-Rate Counseling in Orem and Draper, Utah

Aspen Valley Wellness provides integrative mental health treatments in a confidential and respectful atmosphere. We strive for the best outcomes for our clients, helping them sustain changes so they don’t fall back into old, familiar self-defeating patterns after treatment.

Since we opened our doors in 2015, we have enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for effectively treating clients through our unique services and specializations. Aspen Valley Wellness is the 2018 Award Winner for Top Rated Local as the #1 Therapist in Orem, Utah, as well as the 2019 Daily Herald’s Readers Poll choice for Best Wellness Center.

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Whole Person Treatment Approach

When you enter the nurturing environment at Aspen Valley Wellness, we meet with you and recommend treatments based on your circumstances. We look for underlying physiological conditions that may exacerbate mental health issues, including hormone imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, parasites, food sensitivities and issues with brain wave functioning.

Other therapists may overlook these physiological effects, but we don’t. We believe that if we don’t address the whole person, we could be setting you up for a failed therapy attempt, and that’s the last thing we want to do.

We hope to see you very soon!

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