Mental Health Concerns

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You are not alone. In the United States: *

  • An estimated 26% of adults (or 1 in 4 adults) suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.
  • Approximately 9.5% of adults suffer from a depressive illness (major depression, bipolar disorder or dysthymia) each year.
  • Most people who commit suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder — most commonly a depressive disorder or substance abuse disorder.
  • Approximately 18% of those aged 18 – 54 have an anxiety disorder in a given year. This includes panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and phobias.

Aspen Valley Wellness Is Here to Help

We understand that for some people, finding the right therapist is an obstacle to treatment. At our clinic, all our therapists have received extensive training in specialized fields and together they treat clients with a variety of mental health issues. Whether you’re seeking traditional or alternative therapies or a combination of both, please feel free to contact us. Our office staff is happy to help you find the therapist who best fits your needs and desires.

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